Fireproof glass partitions

Fire partitions with a fireproof steel frame and fireproof glass will prevent the spread of fire and smoke in case of fire.

Options for filling the structure:

  • Multilayer glass When heated to a temperature of more than 120 °C, the gel located between the layers is converted into heat-resistant fine-porous carbon ceramic foam, which prevents each subsequent layer from heating
  • Combined filling of the joint between transparent and blind elements of partitions is filled with a thermal insulation seal that prevents deformation of the frame during unilateral heating


Designed for effective fire protection in:

  • Offices
  • Entertainment and shopping centers
  • Banks
  • Railway stations and airports
  • Hotels
  • Preschool, educational and medical institutions
  • Production facilities, warehouses

maximum height: up to 9 m
glazing area: more than 25%
isolates the ignition source for: 45, 60, 90 and 150 minutes


glass retains its integrity under the influence of high temperatures
doesn't let go through combustion products
facilitates the work of fire brigades at the facility
helps to minimize the damage caused by fire