All-glass partitions

All-glass partitions retain the most open environment, emphasizing the unity of space, do not block the access of daylight, make the space bright and airy, create a feeling of weightlessness, lightness, while ensuring reliability, safety and sound insulation.

The partitions use safe tempered glass 8, 10, 12 mm thick, which is 5-6 times stronger than usual.

Designed for:

  • offices, banks, administrative and shopping and entertainment centers, home interiors, shopping halls, boutiques, shops, etc.
  • organization of space inside buildings of separation of small rooms: offices, meeting rooms, halls, etc.
partition thickness: 8-12 mm
maximum height: 4 m2
thickness of door leafs: 8, 10, 12 mm
upper/bottitus profile height: 40, 55, 100 mm
sound insulation: 26-36 dB
  • Availability of a built-in box, including for blind doors
  • Availability of a cable channel for wiring
  • Glass adjustment
  • Max glass connection (technological clearance is 0 - 2 mm)
  • Modern design
  • Natural light access
  • Sufficient sound insulation
  • Maximum operating safety
  • Quick and "clean" installation of the structure
  • Variety of finishing and decoration options
  • It is possible to apply a decorative drawing