Anker Industrial Group Russian brand of high quality door designs made of wood to match the modern trends of interior design. When creating products, our engineers and designers take into account the global trends traditional techniques with exclusive finishes.
In the production of entrance doors Anker used composite materials. High density materials provides the necessary structural strength and their resistance to force effects.
Due to the very low thermal conductivity wood is a natural barrier to cold or heated air masses, helping to maintain a comfortable microclimate in any time of the year.
Noise insulation
Features of the structure make of natural solid wood in excellent sound insulating material, to minimize the probability of penetration of extraneous noise in the room.
Flame retardant
Fire wooden door Industrial Group Anker for hotels and other commercial facilities are treated with a special non-combustible substances, which limit their resistance to fire is 30 or 60 minutes.

The company Anker specializiruetsya Industrial Group in the production of doors for offices, hotels, administrative buildings and medical institutions, business and shopping centers, cinemas. Production opportunities both in terms of technical characteristics and in terms of packaging and finishing of products enable us to deliver German precision and high quality, and unique style to any interior.

The range includes a full range of solutions for the Assembly of commercial properties and apartments. Products meet all the most difficult technical requirements while delivering reliability, can be performed in a variety of designs and finishes.