Extravagant and simply

Distinctly textured, whimsical ceiling panels with outer surface of decorative expanded metal sheet (EMS) is guaranteed to attract the eye. By varying the parameters of the PVL, it is possible to form a very different
the perception of three-dimensional surface from a fishnet mesh to massive scales.


Panel sizes:
Width Min / Max:
depend on constructive
panel features
Maximum length: up to 3000 mm
System Height: Varies
depending on type
used panels
System weight: 10-12 kg / sq.m, depends
on type of used PVL
galvanized steel, aluminum
NG (non-combustible materials)

  • Spectacular appearance that cannot be repeated with other products
  • The ability to create continuous visually monolithic three-dimensional surfaces on the ceiling, walls, facades
  • The ability to provide surfaces with a very high percentage of "live section»