We produce opportunities
ANKER GROUP provides a full range of services – from design planning to engineering design,
installation and finishing. This allows you to follow-up the entire production process at each
stage and implement the boldest and non-standard design projects.
About production
The first Russian plant for production of raised floors
using cutting-edge technology and equipment
ANKER GROUP is a large multifunctional production of materials for interior and exterior
finishing of commercial premises. We use only modern materials, cutting-edge technical and
engineering solutions at the level of the best European manufacturers.
  • Development of tailor-made design projects
  • High quality products
  • Advanced equipment and technology
Raised floor is a practical and high-tech flooring system that allows you to save and organize
your space in the best way and opens up great opportunities for decorating the floor surface.
Advantages of ANKER GROUP raised floors
  • Large stock of standard solutions and component materials
  • Continuous analysis of market needs and range optimization
  • Vast experience in compatibility of flooring and raised floor systems
  • Use of the system in new construction and reconstruction of buildings
  • Cost-effective raw components
  • high accuracy and performance of a new line
  • Experience of leading foreign manufacturers of the industry
  • High fire protection
  • Light weight of the design
  • Quality certificates
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Doors, wall panels
Special doors and wall panels are manufactured on the advanced German woodworking equipment of the Anker Group production concern in accordance with the European quality standards and under the strict supervision of certified specialists. Our production workshops have an end-to-end process control system aimed to meet the highest quality of all the products in accordance with the European standards.
  • Our commercial doors have been present on the Russian market and used to equip commercial properties for more than 10 years
  • We use high-precision innovative equipment
  • We use first-class materials and components from leading European brands
  • Exclusivity: we do not produce standard solutions, but we design each order on a customized basis, according to the project’s features
  • Reliable finishing material on a non-combustible base
  • Hidden installation systems, a great variety of types of veneer and acoustic perforation, curvilinear forms
  • The performance of our acoustic samples is checked and recorded to prove the achievement of the known sound absorption coefficients for walls and ceilings
Metal is still a modern and sought-after material for the manufacture of various structures.
And ceiling systems are no exception to this rule. Metal has a number of characteristics and
advantages, which today cannot be surpassed by other materials.
Advantage of ANKER GROUP ceilings
  • Production of ceiling systems by industrial method on state-of-the-art European equipment, in accordance with the strict technical standards of the industry
  • Full production cycle from cutting sheet metal to dyeing the finished product
  • Development of ceiling systems using modern technologies in the field of CAD, 3D design, BIM standards
  • Providing supporting documentation for a product and installation instructions for both standard systems and individual projects
  • Installation supervision of ceiling systems anywhere in Russia
Anker Industry- российское производственное предприятие, специализирующееся на комплексном мебельном оснащении офисов, гостиниц, административных и общественных помещений, объектов инфраструктуры.
Помимо проектирования и производства мебели, мы оказываем полный спектр услуг: от разработки концепции, проектов интерьера и 3D визуализации до их полного воплощения «под ключ».

Anker Brikk
calcium sulfate raised floors
Calcium sulfate raised floors is a product, which is produced with the usage of gypsum in addition of cellulose fibers The lower surface of the panel can be strengthened by request of the customer
Technical characteristics
Size 600 × 600 mm
Panel thickness 30–36 mm
System weight 43-56 kg/m2 (without floor covering)
System height 150 mm
Panel material calcium sulfate
Anker Deck
Wafer board raised floor
For production of such raised floors high-density chipboard is used. At the ends the panels are covered with PVC film, from the bottom - with aluminum foil or galvanized steel sheet. The manufacturer can pre-fabricate the necessary elastic or hard coating (such as linoleum, rubber, PVC, HPL etc), aluminum foil or galvanized steel.
Technical characteristic
Size 600 × 600 mm
Panel thickness 30/38 mm
System weight 29–35 kg/m 2 (withour floor covering)
Height 150 mm
Panel material wafer board of E1 class
Anker Platz
Calcium sulphate raised floor
Solid (one-piece) raised floor consists of calcium sulphate with tongue-and-groove structure around the perimeter of the plates for good gluing fixation them together. This design provides an absolutely flat, monolithic floor surface, forming an empty usable space for placing all communications there, on which you can walk within a day after installation. This technology allows to use of any roll and modular floor coverings, as well as ceramics and stone. Access to the underground space is provided by means of inspection hatches or by inserting fragments of the usual demountable raised floor
Technical characteristics
Size 600 × 600 mm
Panel thickness 30–40 mm
System weight 43–56 kg/m 2 (without floor covering)
System height 150 mm
Panel material calcium sulfate